BobolinkWoodBest - Unsolicited sales request from a seller.

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In these days of identity theft, etsy sellers/buyers need to be very careful. I received an unsolicited request from an Etsy seller.

This should not happen! It's hard to determine whether this is fishing, or scam, or worse. Please let this seller know that he should NOT do this! I do not want unsolicited sales offers from etsy sellers -regardless of whether I've purchased from them in the past or not.

Also, it is ridiculous that I need to use 100 words for this. Please update your complaint department and post an online chat for telephone number. What else do you want me to say regarding this to fill up 100 words?

Please take care of this issue. It is important!!!!!!



It's not hard to find 100 words.

I could use more than that simply describing the nature of the current problem vs. your frequency of participation on Etsy.

I would utilize another 100 + just to harp about computer security.

And I'd never repeat a single statement.

I learned the art of informative verbosity many years ago ; when they used to foolishly require essays of X-number of pages or words.

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